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We have been selling the prints on this website since 2000. They are from some of the work of the artists Annabel Fairfax and Pat Owen and include  Chicken Prints, Pig Prints, Hunting Prints, Shooting Prints, Racing Prints and Polo Prints.

In 2006  we designed a range of melamine and traditional placemats from the work of both artists which were made exclusively for us by Lady Clare Ltd. In 2009 Lady Clare Ltd added these designs to their standard range. They make and we both sell,  chicken placemats, tablemats and coasters, pig placemats, tablemats and coasters, hunting placemats, tablemats and coasters, shooting  placemats, table mats and coasters, racing  placemats, tablemats and coasters and polo placemats, tablemats and coasters.

 We do not have any of Bella Prideaux’s African Animals prints but some of her work can be seen in Melamine Placemats and Traditional Placemats.

The chicken prints and pig prints from originals by Annabel Fairfax, originally published by Taylor-Dickson Fine Art, are open editions and are printed on good quality paper. The small prints have a blue or red line which can be covered by the mount or used to give the illusion of a double mount by allowing a portion of it to show.

The hunting prints, shooting prints, racing prints and polo prints, as well as the pig print and sheep print, from originals by Pat Owen, are small limited editions of either 125 or 150 and are printed on cream watercolour paper. Some of the editions are near their end and once they are finished there is no possibility of getting any more.

Some of Bella Prideaux‘s charming African Animals and Baby Elephants are available, to order only, as Traditional Placemats and Coasters and Melamine Placemats and Coasters respectively.

The Melamine Placemats, Table Mats and Coasters and the Traditional Placemats, Table Mats and Coasters are of the very best quality and are made by Lady Clare Ltd., who were recently chosen to supply the Cabinet’s commemoratory gift of placemats to Her Majesty the Queen.

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