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Chicken Groups Placemats

Chicken Groups Placemats, Tablemats and Coasters

Melamine Placemats featuring Chicken Placemats, Tablemats and Coasters from Originals by Annabel Fairfax
Chicken Groups Tablemats and Coasters

Chicken Groups Tablemats and Coasters

Melamine Chicken Tablemats £48.00

Size: 238 x 201mm – approx 9 ⅓ ” x 8 ”

Boxed set of 6 as shown

Chicken Groups Tablemats  


Melamine Chicken Coasters £24.00

Size: 110 x 90mm – approx 4 ⅓ ” x 3 ½”

Matching boxed set of 6

Chicken Groups Coasters   

Chicken Groups Placemats

Chicken Groups Placemats






Melamine Chicken Placemats £48.00

Size: 298 x 222mm – approx 11 ¾ ” x 8 ¾”

Boxed set of 4 as shown

Chicken Groups Placemats   









 Melamine Placemats, Tablemats and Coasters are heatproof to 150 degrees. They are backed with green felt and the boxes are dark green. The designs of assorted hens used on these placemats are from original watercolours painted by Annabel Fairfax, some of which are available as chicken prints elsewhere on this website.

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